Many conditions and medications require lab testing that can be conveniently performed on campus at the Campus Health Clinic. Our Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses have been trained to perform blood collection. The laboratory will provide service to all individuals who present an order from their health care provider. Services are offered to students, faculty, and staff.

We take patients on a first-come, first-served, walk-in basis. Please be patient with us; we will see you as quickly as possible. Plan on spending 10-15 minutes with us, longer if we are busy or if you have specialty tests ordered.

For continuity of care, we can perform tests from any health provider. Orders can be faxed to us at (573) 986-6030, or you can bring the order in with you to your appointment. The order must include the patient’s name and birth date, healthcare provider's name, address, phone, and fax number, diagnosis code, and all tests to be performed must be clearly listed. Completed test reports will be faxed to the ordering physician’s office.


Many tests will be done the same day they are ordered, and results are available to your provider within 24-48 hours. The results will be faxed or electronically sent to your provider.

Every effort is made by the Campus Health Clinic provider/nurse to contact patients with abnormal or unexpected results. At that time, patients will receive follow-up advice and instructions.

All laboratory results are strictly confidential. We follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) that protects the confidentiality of communications between health professions and their patient. Our laboratory staff cannot interpret test results or give you medical advice. We strongly urge you to discuss your test results with your doctor if you need assistance in understanding their meaning.


Note that there will be charges for your laboratory tests. The price of the tests will vary; many of our tests cost between $10 and $50 each. Some services are covered by your insurance plan. If a test is not covered, you will be billed. If you have questions about whether or not a test will be covered, please contact your insurance company.

Services and Lab Tests Offered 

  • Urinalysis, CBC, CMP, BMP, Electrolytes, Hepatic function test, Wet prep, Sedimentation Rate, pregnancy test, TSH, Free T4, strep screens, Influenza A&B, mono test, occult blood stool, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, lipid profiles, ALT, AST, triglyceride, cholesterol, and other basic chemistry tests.
  • Laboratory tests will be processed and sent to Mercy Hospital Southeast Laboratory.
  • Collection of blood/urine specimens as ordered by your health care provider.
  • HIV testing
  • All test results are faxed or sent to the ordering provider for review.
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