SupportNET - connecting students to faculty, staff and services.

This resource page will help you with using the SupportNET system, and providing other resources needed to properly engage with your advisors.

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Using SupportNET

Students, faculty and staff can log into SupportNET with your SE Key and password using the MySEMO Portal, Canvas, or by going directly to SupportNET.

Using SupportNET

  1. Use the search menu in the My Success Network page to search for a person or service connected to you. 
  2. Click Messages to show emails and notes sent to you through SupportNET. 

  1. In My Success Network, a dropdown arrow is used to show a schedule option. 
  2. In Courses, use the dropdown menu to select the term for your enrollment activity. If the faculty has an online schedule available, click Schedule or Schedule Appointment to answer a series of questions to schedule your appointment. 
  3. Review all the screens and Confirm your appointment on the final screen. 

  1. Send Text Notifications to your cellphone (in addition to your Southeast email) by entering your cell phone email address in the text message field. This address will be a combination of your phone number plus carrier information. Click your name to expand the information, then click “Profile.”  
    1. NOTE: For security purposes, your profile picture is your student ID photo. Click the cell phone icon located to the right of the text message box for a list of common carriers and email address formats. If you do not want to receive text messages, you can leave this field blank or use it to set up an alternate email address. All notifications will go to your Southeast email, as well. 
  2. Once you have made your changes, click the Submit button to Save Your Updates. 
  3. Complete the intake survey, then click Save and Submit once complete. 

  1. Log into SupportNET (Portal > Student SS > SupportNET (Global) Channel > click on SupportNET Login).  
  2. In My Success Network, click on the individual’s name (or the three dots for the specific faculty/staff).
  3. Select Schedule (or Schedule Appointment).  
  4. Click on what you need help with (Ex. Course Related, Academic Advising).  
  5. Click the appropriate reason and select Continue 
  6. Select a date and time. Make sure you look at the ‘grey highlighted date’ to verify date before selecting time. 
  7. If the dates and times shown do not work for you, click on another day on the calendar (or click arrow to show next month) to see future availability. Then click Show More Times button at the bottom of the screen.  
  8. Continue Step 7 until you find a time that works for you.  
  9. Click Continue 
  10. Validate date, time, location, and reason for visit. Add additional comments, if applicable. 
  11. Click Confirm.

  1. From Menu click Upcoming 
  2. View your scheduled appointment – to cancel, click the three dots to bring up Cancel Appointment. 

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Help with SupportNET

How do I access SupportNET?

You can log into SupportNET through your student Portal, Canvas, or by going directly to with your SE Key and password.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Email us at: or contact Verona Lambert, systems administrator,, (573) 986-6799

Why can't I log-in?

  • Try a different browser (Chrome typically works best)
  • Clear cache from your browser - contact IT help desk for assistance - (573) 651-4357
  • Try logging in from Portal or Canvas

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