The student governor is entrusted with a great duty in representing the public interest through a student perspective, as well as an opportunity to combine life ecperiences, community background, and social action into effective educational leadership.

The student representative to the Board of Governors is expectied to attend meetings of the Board of Governors and discuss issues with student groups. Please apply by April 8, 2022. If you have any questions reach out to Michele Irby in Campus Life.

Student Representative to the Board of Regents Eligibility Requirements

In order to be considered for the Student Representative to the Board of Governors position a student must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a fulltime student at Southeast Missouri State University (for undergraduate students fulltime enrollment is considered at least 12 credit hours a semester and for graduate student fulltime enrollment is at least 6 credit hours a semester). You must remain enrolled as a fulltime student throughout your appointment. (Consistent with Section 174.055 RSMo.)
  • Be a citizen of the United States and be a current resident of the State of Missouri. (Consistent with Section 174.055 RSMo.)
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.75.
  • Be an active member of at least one student organization.

Missouri Revised Statutes - Chapter 174.055

Student representative to board of regents or governors--appointment, powers, duties, limitation, qualifications, term--vacancy--removal from office--reimbursement of expenses.

  1. The governor shall, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, appoint a student representative to the board of regents or governors of each educational institution referred to in section 174.020 who shall attend all meetings and participate in all deliberations of the board. Such student representative shall not have the right to vote on any matter before the board.
  2. Such student representative shall be a full-time student at the institution as defined by the board, selected from a panel of three names submitted to the governor by the student government president, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the state of Missouri. No person may be appointed who is not actually enrolled during the term of such person's appointment as a student at the institution.
  3. The term of the student representative shall be two years, except that the person first appointed shall serve until January 1, 1986.
  4. If a vacancy occurs for any reason in the position of student representative, the governor shall appoint a replacement who meets the qualifications set forth in subsection 2 of this section and who shall serve until such representative's successor is appointed and qualified.
  5. If the student representative ceases to be a student at the institution, or a resident of the state of Missouri, or fails to follow the board's attendance policy, the student representative's position shall at once become vacant, unless the student representative's absence is caused by sickness or some accident preventing the student representative's arrival at the time and place appointed for the meeting.
  6. The student representative shall receive the same reimbursement for expenses as other members of the board of regents receive pursuant to section 174.100.
  7. Unless alternative arrangements for payment have been made and agreed to by the student and the educational institution, the student representative shall have paid all student and tuition fees due prior to such appointment and shall pay all future student and tuition fees during the term of office when such fees are due.
Updated August 28, 2016

Student Representative to the Board of Governors

The Governor of the State of Missouri appoints the Student Representative to the Board of Governors, subject to confirmation by the Missouri Senate. To serve as the Student Representative to the Board of Governors you must be a full -time student and a resident of the state of Missouri. Further, you must be willing and able to serve as a full-time student for two years.

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