The 1970s ushered in another decade of growth on campus, including some more well-known buildings and the school name we know today.



After many name changes over the last century, the name we know today was officially branded. 

The Board of Regents, acting under authority from the Missouri Legislature, officially approves the name Southeast Missouri State University on Aug. 24, 1972

Campus Life

Historians often coin the 1970s as a "pivot of change" across the world. Campus was no exception. 

The ban on kissing on campus was blatantly ignored as couples held hands and kissed in public, rebelling against some of the more traditional rules. Across campus, you could find bell bottom pants and tube tops gracing the fashion choices. 

Many male students were coming back as Vietnam veterans. Female students became more outspoken on campus, especially on women's rights. 

Beyond rebellious behaviors, campus continued to expand. In 1972, the school spent more than $1 million renovating Academic Hall. This included recovering the famous dome with copper, just as we know it today. The Board of Regents approved a $4 million project to build a new student union just west of Kent Library. This project included the removal of Leming Hall. 

In 1976, KRCU officially began broadcasting from Academic Hall, becoming a new voice on campus. 

in 1977, a favorite tradition was born. The University officially introduced Parents' Weekend, known better today as Family Weekend. The event helped bring families closer and strengthen the bond between the University and the students' families. 

By the mid-1970s, enrollment at Southeast had grown to 8,000. 

Historic Events

Many events happened throughout the 70s, but some left their mark on campus history. 

In 1971, the Golden Eagles marching band performed at Super Bowl V in Miami, Florida. The band performed the National Anthem and a marching routine at halftime. 

To this day, Southeast Marching Band remains one of the elite bands in the country. Just this year, the band was selected as one of just two in the nation to perform at the Bands of America Super Regional in Indianapolis in October. 

To close out an incredible decade, in 1979, the University reached a milestone in Greek and campus life. Alpha Phi Alpha became the first black Greek organization to establish a presence on campus. This groundbreaking achievement represented a step forward in promoting diversity and cultural awareness within the University and campus community. 

100 Years

While we celebrate Southeast's sesquicentennial in 2023, campus was celebrating a different milestone in the 70s. 

The school officially hit their centennial anniversary in 1973 - 100 years of Southeast!

Goodbye, President Scully

Dr. Mark F. Scully completed his 17-year presidency in 1975. Under his guidance, the University had experienced extraordinary progress and growth, leaving his mark in Southeast's history. When Scully began his tenure, there were just over 1,600 students and ten buildings on campus. When he was done, there were nearly 8,000 and 22 buildings. 

Not only that, but faculty members increased from 67 to 331 in his time on campus. 

Scully helped introduce 15 new degree programs, including nursing, pre-law, and pre-med. 

Between all the changes that happened during his nearly two decades, the college had officially become a University. 


What's Happening 1970-1979?

1970 - The Beatles break up

1970 - Four students die and nine are injured in the Kent State massacre

1971 - American jazz musician Louis Armstrong dies

1972 - "The Godfather" premiers

1973 - The U.S. Supreme Court issues its Roe v. Wade decision

1973 - The oil crisis begins

1974 - The world population reaches four billion

1975 - Microsoft is founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen

1975 - The Vietnam War ends with the Fall of Saigon

1976 - Apple Computer is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne

1976 - The first VHS tape is released in Japan

1977 - Jimmy Carter is inaugurated as president of the United States

1977 - Elvis Presley dies

1978 - Insulin is invented

1978 - Jim Jones' religious movement ends with a mass suicide of 920 in Jonestown

1979 - Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom 

1979 - The Iran hostage crisis begins

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