The Brune and Koerner families have been intertwined with the history of Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) for generations, and it's something every member of the family takes pride in.

Children and grandchildren from both families attended or are attending SEMO, and the University became a shared bond that brought them together. The legacy of the Brune and Koerner families is one of hard work, determination, and a commitment to education. 

Greg Brune and Chuck Koerner both played sports for the Redhawks in the 60s. Now, they're both watching their granddaughters wear the same school name on the soccer field. From the day they took the field at Houck in the 60s to today, their lives have been filled with SEMO and SEMO Athletics. Now, they try not to miss a soccer game. 

"I have nothing but great things, great memories about this school, this community, and my great quarterback (Greg Brune)," said Chuck Koerner. 

Their granddaughters, Kayla Koerner and Emma Brune, understand the importance of family when it comes to the University. They both carry that into their time with the women's soccer team and their time as students. 

"You have to wear the SEMO jersey in pride," Kayla Koerner said. "All the history behind it to now is big, and it makes an impact wearing that jersey. We are very family oriented, and we need to keep that going."

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