Ernesto Rivera knows what it means to put in the work. He credits his father for instilling some of that work ethic in his life. Even if you don't want to do it, you go and get it done.

Still, when he graduated high school he wasn't sure which direction he was taking. No one in his family had attended college. In fact, his father didn't complete high school. 

That didn't stop Rivera. He blazed forward on his own, completing the research on schools, majors, and scholarships. He found Southeast Missouri State University, and from there a new journey began for him. It's still going. 

Rivera graduated with a BSBA in marketing: marketing management with a minor in sports management. Now, he's working on an MBA.

Between the organizations he's been involved in, the education he's receiving, and the influence he's had on his younger siblings who are now pursuing their own degrees, his journey is one he doesn't regret. 

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