In our Always a Redhawk series, we highlight some of our most recent graduates and the jobs they landed.


Steven Ingebrigtsen values the idea of life-long learning, and he’s taking that mindset into his teaching career.

Ingebrigtsen is graduated from Southeast Missouri State University on May 13 with a degree in German education and global cultures and languages. Next, he’s heading to the Peace Corps. He will be an English language co-teacher in North Macedonia.

Ingebrigtsen, who is from Springfield, Illinois, has been involved since the moment he stepped on campus. He’s been a learning assistant, an orientation leader, and a resident assistant. He’s also studied abroad and worked as a substitute teacher for Cape Girardeau Public Schools.

“This invaluable time has allowed me to grow in my abilities as a teacher in more ways than one,” Ingebrigtsen said. “I feel very prepared for the coming years of continued growth and improvement in my field. SEMO’s wide array of programs allowed me to diversify my knowledge outside of my majors.”


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Steven graduated with a degree in global cultures and languages, focusing on German. Learn more about the different foreign language degree paths available at Southeast.

Ingebrigtsen continued to form his education outside of the classroom with a job on-campus. He worked as a Telefund caller and supervisor for University Advancement, learning communication skills that helped form his professionalism. He also credits University staff, like Major Gift Officer Ally Campbell, as having positive influences on him.  

“Ally has been and continues to be, without a doubt, my biggest inspiration at SEMO,” Ingebrigtsen said. “She has taught me so many skills at the SEMO Telefund Call Center that I will carry with me for the rest of my professional and personal life. Not only that, but she has inspired me to follow my dreams and be a better person.”

He’s been inspired by several faculty members, including Dr. Gabriele Eckart and Dr. Kimberly Louie when it comes to German and Spanish. Dr. Sarah Lillo-Kang helped him shape his dream of teaching abroad, and he took all those experiences to mold his current career plans.

Overall, he’s learned valuable lessons during his time at SEMO and they’ve all helped shape him as a person. He plans on taking all of those into his work with the Peace Corps. There, he will be working in schools across North Macedonia and collaborating with English teachers to carry out lessons and incorporate innovative strategies. He will also specialize in forming accommodations and modifications of education plans for students who need individualized learning.

“My biggest takeaway is to be a life-long learner and stay authentic to who you are,” Ingebrigtsen said.

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