SEMO students are known for their “will to do” spirit—the commitment and heart to do what it takes to find success. But sometimes, we all need a little help.


Take Jadon Bianchi. He tells us he was told as a teen that he’d never amount to anything. What does he do with that? This young man is pursuing a cybersecurity degree at Southeast. He’s determined. He’s driven. He is going to be something. Full stop.

Jadon is also responsible for paying for his own education to achieve his big goals. He received a scholarship from Southeast that pays for some of his school. He works. He is securing an internship to make sure he has relevant job experience when he graduates. He is connecting with other students and getting involved on campus. He is doing all that he can to succeed.

Jadon is the case for endowed scholarships personified. He is a student with good grades but not high enough to pay for all his education. He is doing his part to learn and grow and succeed. He is contributing to campus. And, he is working hard to make it happen without going into debt.

These are the SEMO students who benefit when you support scholarships. These are the students whose lives you help to transform. This is the impact you make. And, we promise, it is worth every penny.

Southeast Students

  • 39%

    Incoming Southeast Freshmen Who Receive Pell Grant

    A Pell Grant is money the U.S. Government provides for students who meet certain need-based criteria to pay for an undergraduate degree. The average amount awarded for the 21/22 year is $4,964. The percentage students receive of that amount is based on what the government calculates a family could pay toward the student’s education.  

  • 83%

    Southeast Students Who Receive Financial Aid

    In 21-22, 83% of all undergraduates and 98% of degree-seeking undergraduates were awarded grant or scholarship aid from the government, institution, or some other source known to the institution, excluding loans.

  • 90%

    Southeast Senior Students Working

    In spring 2021, an estimated 15% of first-year students reported working for pay on campus, while 43% reported working for pay off campus. Around 58% of first-year students work  while enrolled full time pursuing a degree at SEMO.

Giving Day 2023

Celebrating 150 years of Making History! Those who have contributed to our rich history have fostered groundbreaking academic programs, a vast alumni network, and students with an undeniable “Will to Do.” Help us celebrate this huge milestone and shape SEMO’s next 150 years.

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