The Southeast Marching Band has thrilled for over a century with one constant leader among the group: the drum majors.

The band has performed at hundreds of football games, rallies, parades, and festivals. The musicians perform, the Colorguard dazzles, and the drums lead the way. That’s why Nathan Prater has taken so much away from being a part of that group of musicians.

“You function like a buffer between the whole band and the band director,” Prater said about the drums. “And so, you make the director's life easier and you also help the ensemble be their best version of themselves.”

Since his freshman year, he has performed with the marching band while studying at SEMO. While he also plays clarinet, his role as a drum major gives him a unique perspective. He loves pregame and halftime shows during football season. Seeing how much the audience supports them when they perform means a lot to him.

He also leads the band during parades. He guides the band with commands all the while inhabiting the esprit de corps of the ensemble. It's a lot to keep track of, but for Nathan, that’s all part of the fun.

Prater takes a lot of pride in being a part of this group. He wants to let everyone into the world he performs in every single time the Southeast Marching Band plays. That’s why Prater sported a GoPro during Homecoming 2022: to bring Southeast fans behind-the-scenes with him.

 “I think it was really cool to be able to share my perspective,” Prater said. “It’s like marching the parade with other people.

We know that we aren’t the main event at football games, but it is always appreciated to have people acknowledge your hard work.

Nathan Prater