Never one to shy away from hard work, Nathaniel Henley has spent the last two years creating a stop-motion animation in his "free" time.

On September 2, 2022, recent alum Nathaniel Henley stepped onto the stage of Rose Theater at Southeast Missouri State University to premiere his stop-motion animation to a room filled with family, friends, faculty, students, alumni, and fans. A night to remember for Nathaniel, the audience was there to see his standalone production premiere in a place that holds a special meaning to him - the Rose Theater where his video education began 4 years prior.

A video project two years in the making, Nathaniel never dreamed he would someday get to premiere his video animation on the very same stage where he once attended classes. However, while attending Southeast, Nathaniel discovered his love for video animation didn't stop in the classroom. On top of attending classes, completing his mass media video projects, and graduating during a pandemic, Nathaniel's will to do led him to write, direct, animate, and now premiere his extraordinary 30-minute stop-motion video animation - Batman: An Identity Crisis.

This animation won't be the last of Nathaniel's stop-motion video endeavors. He is already working on episode two!

 To see more of his videos, check out his YouTube Channel: Nathaniel Henley.