Esports is rapidly growing at every university in the nation.

SEMO Esports is now the second largest organization at SEMO, with Greek Life being the first. Ricky Reed, who is currently the Esports coordinator at SEMO, says the best term to use for people who aren’t aware of Esports would be "video game athletes."

Just like traditional sports, college students can also get many scholarships through the Esports program. Traditional sports and Esports are very similar in some ways. Teamwork, practice, and coordination are all aspects of traditional sports that are also very important in Esports.

The Esports club gets to travel to local universities to compete against each other. You don’t have to compete to be part of the Esports Club at SEMO. The Esports Club and Arena, located on the main floor of the Towers Complex, is welcome to any student who just wants to make new friends and find a place to relax and chill.

President of Esports Club

"I have grown to have an immense passion for esports and I have loved every second of getting to work in the scene. One of the reasons I’ve grown to love it so much is because every part of my job has somehow related to things I’ve done as passion projects in the past. I worked for years learning graphic design and leadership, and spent a lot of my high school and college career streaming on Twitch and doing lighting/sound design."

Zach Healy

Zach Healy holding the SEMO flag

Vice President of Content Creation Esports Club

"Esports has brought me countless opportunities to expand all sorts of skills, technical abilities, and leadership possibilities. However, the people it has allowed me to connect with is definitely the biggest plus in my eyes."

TJ Rysanek

TJ lending up against a tree smiling