Industrial hemp may soon be a major crop and industry in Southeast Missouri.

Since the legalization of industrial hemp in the U.S., SEMO's horticulture program has been researching different varieties of the plant to find out how well they grow in the Heartland. Though the research is local, the crop could have impacts across the country. 

Want to replace plastic? Hemp. Want to fight pollutants? Hemp. Want to revitalize soil? You guessed it, hemp. The applications are endless. Enjoy this crash course from Dr. Sven Svenson.

That's always been my interest, using plants as a way to improve environmental things that humans have done that we might describe as damage. Let's return it or push it back in the direction of its natural state.

Sven Svenson, Horticulture and Agribusiness Professor

If your interest in hemp is suddenly growing as fast as the crop itself (or you just want to hear more of what hemp can be used for) we take a deeper dive into some the research and applications hemp will have on society. Ever heard of hemp-crete? If you were thinking small scale… you’re in for a surprise.


Agribusiness: Horticulture & Cannabis

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