Leaving home can be hard for many students, especially when you have to leave your pets behind.

But for SEMO students, this is not the case. Myers Hall has a unique policy that stands out from the others: pets are welcome. As the University's pet-friendly residence hall, students may bring their pets with them and never have to miss a night of their warm snuggles.

Morgan Sanders is living in Myers Hall with her dog Willow. Morgan brought Willow as her emotional support animal but also because she wanted to share Willow's love. Having Willow at SEMO provides  much happiness in Morgan's life, which can be comforting to students in a new environment, often leaving home for the first time. Morgan says her Southeast experience has been filled with much more laughter and good times, plus there’s nobody else she would rather spend her days with than Willow. "A fun fact about Willow is that she loves to snuggle up to someone and never runs out of energy. As soon as we get back from walks or having fun, she’s instantly bouncing around again," says Morgan.