Where do you go after college for help breaking into a new job market or updating your professional paperwork? If you're a Southeast Missouri State University alumni, you can come back to the place where it all started. As alumni, you have Career Services at your fingertips. Unsure how you'll get started? That's okay. We started the conversation for you.

People like Coordinator for Career Counseling Jennifer Woolf are here to help you along your career path at any stage. Alumni can take advantage of many of the same resources as current students. Woolf says the big difference is the amount of flexibility they offer to graduates.


After one year away from SEMO as an alumnus, Career Services is a free resource you can continue to utilize. Even if it's one meeting, it can help.

Jennifer Woolf , Coordinator for Career Counseling
What might that look like for you? You can get help with your resume, cover letter creation, job search, and career counseling. That might include sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, or exploring your interests as you venture into a new field. Instead of meeting in person for these resources, you can call, email or even video chat with the Career Services team at a time that works best for you. Learning how to market yourself is important at any stage in your career. Woolf says alumni are always welcome to make an appointment and brush up on these skills.

Career Advice from Jennifer Woolf

The Career Services team offers help to current and former Southeast students. Even if you aren't looking for a new career, Jennifer offers advice on how to keep up with the constantly changing professional world.

When you become the "new person" at work, you're bound to have a few newbie moments. Figure out your office norms. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask questions about policies. Network with your peers. People generally enjoy helping new employees.

Time goes by quickly. Keeping your resume up to date will make sure you don't forget any important accomplishments. Your resume should change over time.

Keep an eye on new policies. Check out who is hiring and research the best companies to work for. Changes in the workforce and socio-political sphere can affect your experience in the workplace. 

As you notice the changes around you, consider continuing your education or ways to develop your current professional skills. If you see room for improvement, Southeast can help get you to your next goal.

Dan Presson- Director of Career Services

Dan Presson- Director of Career Services

Inside the Dome shares the stories of the Southeast Missouri State University community through in-depth interviews. In this episode Director of Career Services Dan Presson gives us the inside story on transitioning into the professional world.

Southeast graduate Alona Perera posted about the help they received on LinkedIn. Career Services not only helped Perera with practical skills like resume writing and job searching, but the team helped them find a career they could be passionate about going forward.

"I reached out to a source that might sound a little unorthodox... I reached out to the Career Services office at my alma mater, Southeast Missouri State University! So far, I already am starting to feel the wheels turning after a couple years of struggling post-graduation! I met with a career counselor, and I'm going to continue meeting with her, to find what truly sets my heart on fire when it comes to work that I do. I might even consider going back to school for a second undergraduate degree or going to get my masters degree! She's not only helping me understand my many passions and how they all fit together to find the career path that's right for me. If you haven't reached out to the Career Services office of your college, DO IT! It's a source for help that I previously had never considered, but I'm glad I have now. If they're good at their job, they'll help you find your way!"

Alona Perera

Alona Perera shares their story on LinkedIn.