Coach Tuke knows how to get results on the football field. But can he handle a classroom full of rambunctious kindergartners?

At Southeast, we know how important teachers are. From our origins as a teacher's college to our current thriving education program, we know what it takes to succeed in the classroom. We know how hard teachers work, and how hard their work can be.  

With that in mind, Redhawks Athletics’ own Coach “Tuke” Matukewicz headed to Alma Schrader Elementary to give one of the kindergarten teachers a well-deserved break. While filling in, Coach Tuke taught the kids how to spell a very big word, and helped them practice giving their best effort—a great lesson for kindergarteners and college football players alike! 

Teachers are awesome. Could you imagine? Your whole life is investing in young people, and trying to make their lives better.

Coach Tuke, Head Football Coach, Redhawks Athletics