The Student Government Association at Southeast Missouri State University is an integral campus organization that leaves a lasting impression on students and the campus community.

Student Senators from each college work together to create positive change like funding the W.I.N.G.S shuttle, accommodating student dietary needs with new dining options, and working with campus officials to adjust class structure. Like many student organizations, Student Government provides students with a myriad of learning opportunities while building friendships that last. We sat down with Student Government Association Advisor and Director of Campus Life, Michele Irby, to reflect on the organization’s impact on students and campus.

Prepared for the Future

Students who serve on student government feel more connected to the university while gaining leadership skills that prove invaluable in their career. But don't take our word for it.

Served 2016-2018

"Student Government was pivotal to my college experience, learning how to advocate for myself and stand up for pressing matters to the student body. It was helpful in honing my voice and finding the confidence to use elected potential from the student body to speak proudly for the constituents affected by institutional issues."

Peyton Mogley

Peyton standing holding a microphone speaking to a new class of students


"My perception of the University changed drastically after joining Student Government. Working directly with administrators on campus gives a new sense of pride and practicality to the efforts being made to better the University. As a student who is unplugged from the administration, it is easy to criticize and never be satisfied, but once you get to work directly with administration to achieve a common goal, the reality sets in of exactly how much work the administrators put in to better the University."

Luke Collins

Luke smiles at the camera. He is wearing a white polo with an embroidered Southeast Logo and stands in front of a red backdrop.


"SGA has prepared me for life after college by teaching me how to work with different styles of leadership, as well as how to communicate with other people to get important things done."

Anna Carpenter

Anna smiles at the camera dressed in a red blazer and black shirt.