It's time to take control of your health! This month we are going to focus on fitness. Hear from our Rec Services team on easy ways to get started!

Sample Workouts

Thank you to Tyler McLemore, Assistant Director at Rec Services, for helping us get started.

Things to do at home...

  • Body Squats 3x25-50 ( Wide Stance)
  • Lunges 3x10-20 (Alternate) 
  • Calf Raises 3x 15-30
  • Donkey Kicks 3x10-20 
  • Marching Glute Bridges 3x 20-30 (Squeeze at the top) 
  • Leg Extension 3x 15-30 
  • Push Ups 3x 10-20
  • Shoulder Taps 3x 10-20
  • Arm Circles 3x 25
  • Overhead Press 3x 10-20 (use items around the house for resistance)
  • Bicep Curls 3x 15-25
  • Crunches 3x 10-20
  • Russian Twist 3x 10-20
  • Planks 3x 30 seconds
  • Bicyles 3x 10-20
  • Flutter Kicks 3x 15-20
  • Cross Body Reaches 3x 10-20
*With the home workouts, feel free to grab regular household items to add resistances to any particular movement  

Things to try when you go to the gym...

  • Squat 3x10
  • Bench Press 3x10
  • RDL 3x10
  • Inverted Pull Ups 3x10
  • Lunges 3x10
  • Seated Lat Pulldown 2x10
  • Band Push up 2x Fail 
  • Steo Up 2x10 each leg 
*Add resistance if needed 

Learn more about SEMO's Rec Services from Eric Redinger, Director of Recreation Services.

New Year, New You: Recreation Center from SEMissouriState on Vimeo.

Just start there and build. Just get started!

Tyler McLemore, Assistant Director of Rec Services