Develop their literacy skills now; prepare them for their future.

The Reading Recovery® program, since its conception in 1984 by Dr. Marie Clay, has been a highly effective short-term intervention that utilizes specially trained teachers for one-to-one tutoring as a supplement to in-classroom teaching.

Southeast Missouri State University has been a Reading Recovery® site since 1991 and since 1997 has received bipartisan state support as part of the Missouri Statewide Early Literacy Intervention Program (MSELIP).

Cost Comparison

Annual per-pupil cost average time in program per-pupil cost over time
Retention $9,200 1 year $9,200
Title I $2,400 5 years $12,000
Special Education $3,750 5 years $18,750
Other $2,400 3 years $7,200
Reading Recovery® $3,750 12-20 weeks $3,750

Explore Reading Recovery

  • M.A.R.R.E.

    The Missouri Association of Reading Recovery® Educators (M.A.R.R.E.) is a network of those involved with the Reading Recovery® program designed to strengthen connections and share ideas between educators across the state.
  • Early Literacy Program

    The Early Literacy Program through Southeast Missouri State University helps develop children’s literacy skills to put them within the average range of their class’ performance by the end of their involvement.
  • Teacher Training

    Learn how you can teach in the Reading Recovery® program and see the training offered by Southeast Missouri State University.
  • Outcomes

    Find out what the Reading Recovery® Program at Southeast Missouri State University can do to improve your child’s literacy skills.