Why was SEMO a smart choice for you?

Semo was a smart choice for me because of their excellent business program, I wanted to surround myself with like minded people for my freshman year, and semo did so by introducing me to the Business learning community!

What is it that you feel sets SEMO apart when you were making your college decision?

What set semo apart from other colleges while making my decision to pull definitely be how nice and welcoming the students and teachers where when I came for my visit. I also loved the campus and all that semo had to offer such as recreational wise and academic.

What is your major and how do you feel that program is preparing you for a successful career?

My major is Business administration and I feel that the program that I am enrolled in now is preparing me for a successful career in multiple ways ! Some being we practice a lot of interpersonal skills within the classroom, our professor and head of the Business learning community Dr. Lori Muller keeps us updated on internships and jobs that fit our major. Lastly even though we are just freshman’s we are given necessary tools to start preparing ourselves for life out of college by practicing those interpersonal skills, building those connections, learning to build resumes etc.

Do you have a scholarship?


What is your favorite thing about SEMO?

My favorite thing about semo would definitely be the people the students and faculty on semo campus are so willing to help you in any shape or form. It makes me happy knowing that their or people either older than me or around the same age as me willing to help me when needed.

Describe SEMO in two sentences.

Semo is fun and spontaneous but also business minded and career savvy.

What makes SEMO faculty great?

What makes semo faculty great would be there willingness to help you, and how flexible they make their class rooms. While being a first year student at semo I haven’t had a class where I haven’t seen the flexibility yet.

Describe life on campus?

Life on campus at semo is definitely an experience! You are able to meet new people, you get the experience of being surrounded by so many different cultures, and there’s Starbucks on campus so that’s a plus ! Besides all the surface level stuff the dorms definitely live up to there name they are really nice and spacious. I also love how involve SAC tries to get the students, the events on campus are definitely something I recommend going too.