Why was SEMO a smart choice for you?

There hospitality program was not only close to home, but I had friends go through the program before, and they loved it, so it really interested me in going to SEMO.

What is it that you feel sets SEMO apart when you were making your college decision?

I feel SEMO is a smaller university, which I think is a good thing. You can have more one on one time with your professors, advisors, and mentors. It makes you feel at home and that they really care about your future.

What is your major and how do you feel that program is preparing you for a successful career?

My mater's Hospitality management and I believe it is preparing me for career because I've always wanted to go into hotels and I feel like the courses and the extracurricular activities such as hmsa and being a lab assistant for The culinary department is really setting up for success with all the experiences and learning that I'm able to get through the program here at SEMO.

Do you have a scholarship?


If you have a scholarship, how will your scholarship from SEMO help you graduate with less debt and what will that mean for your life after graduation?

Yes I have gotten to scholarships here one with CSIS program and then the other one was the Betty Glen scholarship which I got for this year of 2020 to 2021. It has helped me with less debt because with the scholarship I was able to just pay off what I owed SEMO for this year instead of taking out another loan so I will be going over to see my with only about 3,000 worth of debt which will be easy to pay off in no time so I'm very grateful.

What is your favorite thing about SEMO?

It's close to home, and everyone cares. I don't think I've had one bad professor while attending SEMO, so bravo. Also I'm an officer in HMSA and I really love our small organization, it has been a great experience.

Describe SEMO in two sentences.

SEMO is a wonderful school. Everyone there really strives to help you get a better future.

What makes SEMO faculty great?

They actually care. They have conversations with you not just about school but life, and if your doing okay. They're very personable which is very appreciated.

Describe life on campus?

I didn't do much on campus besides go to class, however, I was an officer for HMSA and that was always fun and got to spend time and explore what we love with good company.

Are you involved in Greek Life, Honors Program or any other student organization, please tell us about that experience and how it has impacted you.

I'm an officer in HMSA. It has definitely made me take on more responsibility, and has made me some great friends. I have learned how to network through HMSA and more. It was my favorite part about school and I will miss it.