Why was SEMO a smart choice for you?

SEMO is in my family on my mom’s side. My grandma and many of her family graduated from here with different majors. Grandma and her twin sister were elementary Ed teachers. As a 2020 grad, I’m glad I left my impact on campus. My disability advocacy was successful because amazing people like Jeanne Harris assisted me.

What is it that you feel sets SEMO apart when you were making your college decision?

I love the small class size. You don’t get lost (the instructor doesn’t know you) in a huge lecture hall.

What is your major and how do you feel that program is preparing you for a successful career?

General Studies. In my last year, I got more specific and took more communications classes. Communication is important anywhere you work.

Do you have a scholarship?


If you have a scholarship, how will your scholarship from SEMO help you graduate with less debt and what will that mean for your life after graduation?

Having help to cover educational expenses is a blessing RSB helped me pay for school as long as I kept a 2.0 GPA. It gives me peace knowing I don’t have to worry about finances.

What is your favorite thing about SEMO?

Singing the National Anthem at basketball games and when Dr. Vargas unexpectedly was there to hear me sing.

Describe SEMO in two sentences.

The instructors care about the students and want to help any way they can. Avoid Cardiac Hill at all costs!

What makes SEMO faculty great?

They’re willing to let the students teach them in topics they want to learn more about (Jeanne Harris and vision impairment)

Describe life on campus?

Life on campus is busy and fun. Lots of activity and socializing.