Why was SEMO a smart choice for you?

Southeast was a smart choice for me because of the education program. As a teacher candidate, I have been able to be in the classroom most of my academic career. I also was able to get involved in multiple ways on campus. From my student organizations to being a student worker and then serving in student leadership roles, Southeast has helped me develop into a confident, strong woman ready for my field.

What is it that you feel sets SEMO apart when you were making your college decision?

What sets Southeast apart is the atmosphere. We truly are a family down here. All of the faculty and staff really want to see you succeed and they are always willing to help you to ensure you do succeed. We have different programs here that also sets Southeast up for success. The biggest thing that was a factor for me was the fact that Southeast used to be a teachers college.

What is your major and how do you feel that program is preparing you for a successful career?

My major is Family Consumer Sciences Education. The Education Prep Program is setting us future teachers up for success by getting us into the classrooms as soon as they possibly can and by teaching us 21st century information and having hands on experiences with technology. Another great thing is we have access to the EDvolution Center which is a wonderful resource for the College of Education, Health and Human Studies. Yes, other colleges can use the center, but their main focus is to the EHHS college.

Do you have a scholarship?


If you have a scholarship, how will your scholarship from SEMO help you graduate with less debt and what will that mean for your life after graduation?

I have the residence life scholarship because I did A+ in high school. I also have another scholarship because I am a teacher who graduated from Eureka High School. This scholarship helps me because life after graduation as a teacher is a little different. Typically, our contracts do not start until August so for me the less debt I have the better.

What is your favorite thing about SEMO?

My favorite thing is being involved! I am heavily involved in two organizations: Residence Hall Association and National Residence Hall Association. I also was able to work on campus. By being involved with these opportunities, I have been able to network with people around the country and have insider scoop with educational technology etc.

Describe SEMO in two sentences.

Southeast is a beautiful welcoming university where we are student centered. Southeast strives to walk the talk, be innovative and current with what needs to happen for student success.

What makes SEMO faculty great?

They are so accepting and they want to see students succeed.

Describe life on campus?

Life on campus is amazing. Get involved!! There is always something going on that you can attend. Theres more than just sports for you to go see. Go to River Campus and go to a concert, watch Spring for Dance etc. Cheer on our E-Sports group etc.

Are you involved in Greek Life, Honors Program or any other student organization, please tell us about that experience and how it has impacted you.

YES! I am heavily involved in two organizations: Residence Hall Association and National Residence Hall Association. I also was able to work on campus. By being involved with RHA and NRHH, I have been able to travel to over 8 Universities around the US, attend 4 virtual conferences etc. I also was able to apply and my last year this year I am serving on the MACURH Regional Board of Directors for the National Organization NACURH. NACURH is composed of 8 different regions, the Midwest being the birthplace of NACURH.