Why was SEMO a smart choice for you?

SEMO was close to home that I could go home if needed but far enough to feel like I was getting away! It was an incredibly welcoming environment and I loved the city and campus! I also was awarded good scholarships that made it affordable for me.

What is it that you feel sets SEMO apart when you were making your college decision?

There were a lot of college I looked at that I felt really would suit who I was as a senior in high school. But as I continued to look at different colleges, I decided I didn’t want to go somewhere that would be comfortable for me where I was at, I wanted to go to a school where I saw my “future self” at. I wanted a school that would help me to grow into the woman I wanted to be, and that’s what I found here.

What is your major and how do you feel that program is preparing you for a successful career?

I am an elementary Education major, and honestly feel like if I had to start teaching tomorrow I would be able to! Semos Education prep program has helped me not only to become a teacher, but learn what I am teaching. The professors I have had are very passionate about education and wanting to raise up the next generations of teachers, and it shows in how they lead us. They helped me get my substitute certificate as well as study for the MoCa and pass! I think they effectively help us to make decisions that will benefit us as teachers. They also keep up to date with the world around them which is nice. I’ve received my apple and Google teacher certifications and been trained to teach on chrome books and iPads, which is truly the future of education as we advance technologically in society!

Do you have a scholarship?


If you have a scholarship, how will your scholarship from SEMO help you graduate with less debt and what will that mean for your life after graduation?

I come from a family of 7 and all my siblings are close in age to me! Coming into college as a freshman, 2 of my sisters were in college at the same time as me. That’s a lot of college to pay for! Receiving the scholarships I did took a lot of pressure off of me as a student and off of my parents who were trying to help us all out as much as they could. With the scholarships I was given, it also reaffirmed for me that my desire to be a teacher and the skills I have to become one were noticed by the people who interviewed me. It made me feel like this school believed in me and what I wanted to do with my life. It also helps me to prepare for my life after college, because I will be Graduating debt free! And as a soon to be teacher- it will help me focus on my students and educating them- instead of worrying about paying off debt!

What is your favorite thing about SEMO?

My favorite thing about SEMO is that I’ve been able to build the life I’ve wanted here. I’ve made friends here that I want to be my bridesmaids and spend my life with. I’ve gained about 100+ sisters (sorority sisters that is) that I get to love and spend time raising money for charities and making bonds and going to formals. I have been able to lay the foundations of what I want the rest of my life to look like here! I’ve gotten connected with a local church, a campus ministry, clubs on campus, and my sorority as well as prepare for my future as a teacher.

Describe SEMO in two sentences.

SEMO is the place that will grow you into who you want to be all the while allowing you to enjoy where you are at now. SEMO is the perfect starting place to build your career, relationships, and futures at!

What makes SEMO faculty great?

My favorite thing about SEMO faculty is their flexibility. Especially with the covid pandemic this past year, they have been nothing but gracious and kind. I’m able to tell my teachers how I really feel bad where I’m at in school work and in life and they work with me to help me do the best on my school work and field days!

Describe life on campus?

Life on semos campus is very inclusive. No matter who you are or what your interests are, you can find people who have the same likes and interests as you. Obviously not everyone on campus is going to be your best friend, but you can find your people and your best friends! SEMO does a good job of helping everyone to do that by offering many clubs and organizations to connect with!

Are you involved in Greek Life, Honors Program or any other student organization, please tell us about that experience and how it has impacted you.

I am involved in Alpha Delta Pi here on campus. Alpha delta pi has impacted me greatly! I have met some of my best friends in this sorority. These women have encouraged me to grow as a woman, in my faith, in living life on life with others, and just as a person in general. I am so thankful for this sisterhood that has become my home over the past few years. I have also been really involved in Campus outreach, a campus ministry and they have helped me learn a lot about myself and things I can grow in. They have helped me learn more about my self, my personality, and how best to love others and how to build relationships even when it’s hard!