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Juefei Yuan, George Li, et al. An IoT-Based New Platform for Teaching Tiny Machine Learning,
ISCAP Conference, accepted, August, 2023.


Juefei Yuan, Hameed Abdul Rashid, Bo Li. A Survey of Recent 3D Scene Analysis and
Processing Methods, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Accepted, January 21, 2021.


Juefei Yuan, Hameed Abdul Rashid, Bo Li, et al. A Comparison of Methods for 3D
Scene Shape Retrieval, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Accepted, August

18, 2020.


Bo Li, Juefei Yuan, et al. 3D Sketching for 3D Object Retrieval, Multimedia Tools and
Applications, Accepted, October 5, 2020.


Juefei Yuan, Tianyang Wang, Shandian Zhe, Yijuan Lu, Bo Li. Semantic Tree-Based
3D Scene Model Recognition. The IEEE 3rd International Conference on Multimedia

Information Processing and Retrieval MIPR’ 20 August 6-8, Shenzhen , Guangdong

China (Invited Paper), 2020, 1-6 (Accepted).


Daniel McGonigle, Tianyang Wang, Juefei Yuan, Kai He, Bo Li. I2S2: Image-to-Scene
Sketch Translation Using Conditional Input and Adversarial Networks. 2020 IEEE 32nd

International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI).



Delivered an educational presentation on a teaching-focused subject at the ISCAP conference, which
is a professional gathering centered on education, November 2023