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Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7650
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

What area do you teach?

Athletic Training


Ed.D. - Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis - University of Missouri - Columbia (2019)
M.S.Ed. - Athletic Training and Physical Education - Old Dominion University (2009)
B.S.A.T. - Athletic Training - Millikin University (2007)

Your philosophy of teaching:

To integrate real-life scenarios and experiences into the classroom. Every student learns differently but every student can relate to the real-world experience that they get to experience. Challenging students to engage in the learning process and take advantage of every learning opportunity is one of the most effective ways to teach a class. This allows students to engage in a discussion with the class instead of the professor dictating information to the group. The more you can get students to see how what they are learning relates to the real world and challenge their preconceived thoughts the better the learning experience.

Why did you decide to teach?

I started teaching when I was in graduate school at Old Dominion as a requirement of my graduate assistant position and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the challenge of staying up to date on the current concepts and attempting to bridge the gap between what students do in the field and what we teach in the classroom. One of my favorite things to see is when students have that "I got it" moment. It really makes the teaching experience rewarding.

Credentials/Career Path

I have been a certified Athletic Trainer since 2007. My career began at Concord University in Athens, West Virginia where i worked as the Assistant Athletic Trainer and Coordinator of Clinical Education for the Athletic Training Program. During that time I provided medical care to the men's soccer, men's basketball, and Track and Field teams. My research has focused on the Prevention of Sudden Death in High School Athletics and Dance Medicine. My primary focus for the Prevention of Sudden Death is to encourage school districts to develop and implement appropriate policies and procedures, hire athletic trainers, and minimize the risk of sudden death in sports. My research in dance medicine is to examine the risk factors associated with injuries in dance and the performing arts.

Professional Highlights

  • 2018 - Appointed to NATA Professional Development Committee


  • College of Health and Human Services - Educator of the Year (2017)

Most Recent/Notable Published Works

Schneider, K., Meeteer, W., Nolan, J. A., & Campbell, H. D. (2017). Health care in high school athletics in West Virginia. Rural & Remote Health, 17.

Schneider KR, Williams G. Utilizing successful feedback techniques to develop the preceptor/student relationship to improve critical thinking. National Athletic Trainers Association Athletic Trainers Educators Conference

Organizations with which you are involved

  • National Athletic Trainers Association
  • MidAmerica Athletic Trainers Association
  • Missouri Athletic Trainers Association
Best Advice for Students

Take advantage of all opportunities to learn and better yourself no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time.

Take a chance and try something new such as a Short Term Study Abroad experience. It is one of the best experiences you can have as a student.

The more you can get students to see how what they are learning relates to the real world and challenge their preconceived thoughts the better the learning experience.

Dr. Kyle Schneider, Program Director, Athletic Training