Pacific Hall 309B

My research focuses on submerged landscape investigations of the Greater Visayan Basin, Philippines, in search of potential localities once attractive for prehistoric human occupation. I use a compilation of various available datasets including bathymetric contours, hydrology, oceanography, side-scan sonar, geomorphology, geology, relative time-period terrestrial archaeology with evidence of early human occupation, satellite imagery, underwater and island reconnaissance, and coral proxies as indicators for sea-level fluctuation over the last 75,000 years. In addition to the Philippines, I have done underwater archaeological work in Spain, Bermuda, and Australia.

I teach Observing Cultures, Foundations of Human Behavior, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, and Introduction to Archaeology.

Academic Interests

  • Underwater archaeology
  • Pleistocene & Holocene Archaeology in Island Southeast Asia
  • Digital Anthropology
  • Videography
  • Austronesian Languages
  • Cultural Anthropology

Personal Interests

  • Soap-Making
  • Billiards
  • Scuba Diving
  • Helicopter Flying
  • Woodland Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Falconry
  • Herbalism
  • Amateur Mycology