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Dr. Nicholls serves as the Director of Graduate Business Studies.

I am from Pennsylvania and have moved around a lot for school and work. My undergraduate degree is in Industrial Engineering (working with systems of money, people, and materials to make operations run more efficiently).

After college, I worked in the freight railroading industry for a series of railroads. While working I attended graduate school and earned an M.B.A. After teaching for a year at a small college, I went back to graduate school full time and completed an MS and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering.

As of January 2021, I've had about 14 years of teaching experience at four different universities. I've taught face to face, online, and in a hybrid delivery model called "HyFlex".

My research interests are in applying statistical analysis and optimization to operations, supply chain management, economic analysis, decision making, and modeling educational persistence and retention.

Explain the concepts, demonstrate how to solve problems, indicate why the concept/technique/etc. matters, and take time answering questions.

Dr. Gillian Nicholls, Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods