Academic Hall 237E

SC105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
SC200 Introduction to Communication Research
SC215 Intercultural Communication
SC310 Speech Writing
SC320 Small Group Communication and Decision Making
SC355 Relational Communication
SC420 Hip-Hop and Rebellion
UI425 Persuasion

Research Interests:
Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
Economic Rhetoric
Rhetorics of Conservatism

Scholarly Activity:
Dr. Musgrave has published essays regarding corporate personhood, far-right political movements, rhetorical ethics, and other issues in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Philosophy and Rhetoric, Rhetoric and Public Affairs, The Howard Journal of Communications, American Literary History, and b2o: An Online Journal. He is author of Persons of the Market: Conservatism, Corporate Personhood, and Economic Theology (Michigan State University Press, 2022) and is currently working on his second book, tentatively titled Reaction and Revolution: Critical Theory on the Right.

Awards and Honors:
Top Four Paper for "The Rhetoric of Corporate Psychopathy: Neoliberalism, Personhood, and Demonization in The Corporation," NCA Economics, Communication, and Society Division, 2020.

NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar, Athens, OH, Summer 2016.

Top Four Student Paper for “The Rupture as Ethical Imperative: Reading the Phaedrus through Levinas’s Ethics,” NCA Philosophy of  Communication Division, 2016. 

Top Four Student Paper for “A Struggle for Hearts and Minds: Industry v. Politics in Bruce Barton’s ‘The Public,’” NCA Association for  Business Communication, 2015.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Activity Award, 2022.