Dempster Hall 265
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 5850
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
I am a Missouri native who left after college to explore the world and pursue a career in high tech, with a return to Missouri 35 years later to pursue my 'second' career in Education. My career in high tech involved successful tenure both in corporate America and as an entrepreneur. It has been my pleasure to work in over 50 countries, including over 45 trips to Japan alone. This exposure to many different cultures, nationalities and faiths has given me an appreciation for the value of diversity, intelligent discourse with all viewpoints, and also an appreciation for the unique attributes of our country.

The goal of my educational career is to give back to the students, my institution, and my home state by blending sound theory with practice based insights and experiential learning opportunities. My entrepreneurial experience equips me with the mindset and skills to be a change agent who aggressively adopts and facilitates new approaches to education. My research agenda is focused upon both the shift of manufacturing companies from a product driven to a services / pay for use driven business model as well as the development of regional farm / food economic ecosystems.

In addition to my career, I am blessed to be a father of five great children, and three wonderful grandchildren. I have a passion for agriculture which dates back to my upbringing on a dairy and beef cattle operation, and have developed a passion for learning about and exercising sustainable farming practiceson our small farm in Southeast Missouri.


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