What does Southeast Missouri State University mean to you?

Source of all doors opened due to a college ed. in the '60;s

Why is it important to support students (at a time like this)?

It is much more difficult to complete one's education w/o person to person contact...any and all encouragement is essential...feeling of community and realizing that you are not alone in your fears, frustrations, and isolation

Why do you give to Southeast?

SEMO was the main reason for my success in life, my education as a teacher/educator, the support and assistance I received as a student and alumnus, help in finding employment after graduation, college community offered

Why do you believe the work of the Foundation is important?

Allows those who have benefited from SEMO to continue the opportunities of todays students

Why should other people give to Southeast?

Sharing the wealth financial and otherwise to continue developing the young people of our society is essential

Are you a Southeast alumnus?


How has earning your degree from Southeast impacted your life?

Having the degrees from SEMO allowed me to begin my teaching career and to have the basis for further education. These opportunities led to all the benefits of having secure and moderately well compensated jobs throughout my life...but even more so, the knowledge gained both of an academic and social manner has enriched my life and has inspired me to be a lifelong learner.

How have you been impacted by the gifts of donors?

Not that I know of...however, my question is "How was SEMO enable to offer a college education for $125/sem even in the '60's if not for donor help?