What does Southeast Missouri State University mean to you?

Some of the best years of my life. Good friends and great women. The University prepared me well for medical school. I was promoted with honors from the basic science years. I am sure that my degree in Psychology from SEMO was the reason I was the one student that was nominated for Departmental Distinction in Psychiatry at my graduation from Oklahoma University School of Medicine

Why is it important to support students (at a time like this)?

One of the most important things about the college experience is leaving your home environment. Being one of eleven children, my college and high school education (Bishop DuBourg) was my responsibility. My scholarship to SEMO allowed me the financial ability to enjoy an away college rather than a local college degree in St. Louis.

Why do you give to Southeast?

I feel I owe a lot to SEMO for all the fun, good memories, and a great education One should always pay back for services rendered.

Why do you believe the work of the Foundation is important?

The work of the Foundation makes it possible for well qualified students in the same financial situation as I to enjoy a great college expierence.

What personal experiences have you had with the students you have helped (who have been helped by the Foundation)?

Phone conversations and SEMO updates.

Why should other people give to Southeast?

The truth is this isn't really an entitlement world and we need to give back to those who have given to us.

Are you a Southeast alumnus?


How has earning your degree from Southeast impacted your life?

Like all education, it prepared me for the next stage in my life. In my case it was for Medical School of University of Oklahoma.

How have you been impacted by the gifts of donors?

Someone payed for the Scholarship that brought me to SEMO.