What does Southeast Missouri State University mean to you?

I walked up the hill and enrolled at SEMO in fall 1950 after the Southeast Missourian refused to hire me right out of high school. That crooked path led to three degrees, including the Ph.D., and a long career in journalism and journalism education.

Why is it important to support students (at a time like this)?

All students don't have the economic advantage of living at home as I did. Many can use some help.

Why do you give to Southeast?

I give because I appreciate what SEMO did for me, and I want it to give others the same advantage.

Why do you believe the work of the Foundation is important?

The Foundation gives worthy students the boost they need.

What personal experiences have you had with the students you have helped (who have been helped by the Foundation)?


Why should other people give to Southeast?

For the same reason that I do.

Are you a Southeast alumnus?


How has earning your degree from Southeast impacted your life?

SEMO was my only opportunity to go to college. It started me on a long journey that would have been impossible without it.

How have you been impacted by the gifts of donors?