What does Southeast Missouri State University mean to you?

Southeast is an anchor for the southern half of the state of Missouri. Over its almost 150-year history, Southeast has educated the majority of teachers, business people, farmers, and entrepreneurs in the region. The University has provided the arts and entertainment, outstanding sporting events, museums, training opportunities, elementary and high school competitions, and a plethora of other services for the citizens of the area. The University is truly a beacon to all Southeast Missouri citizens.

Why is it important to support students (at a time like this)?

With the increasing cost of education and less support at the state and federal level, it is imperative that students have the dollars and resources they need to be successful and to fulfil their dreams. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders and taxpayers and we need to provide them today with the finances they need to make tomorrow more successful!

Why do you give to Southeast?

Growing up in Southeast Missouri, I've personally witnessed the great things the university has accomplished for our communities. I appreciate the Board of Regents who work through difficult challenges to keep tuition as low as possible. I appreciate great educators and entrepreneurs who bring their ideas and talents forward to help the region. I have appreciated the regional campuses and now online learning so those who can't make it to Cape Girardeau can still achieve a great education. I give because Southeast Missouri State University has given so much to my region.

Why do you believe the work of the Foundation is important?

I applaud the Foundation and all those who work to ensure that donated dollars are used for the best of all possible reasons. Money is never wasted and every dollar helps a student to fulful his/her dreams. The Foundation has done an outstanding job of managing finances and being responsible to donors.

What personal experiences have you had with the students you have helped (who have been helped by the Foundation)?

As a 27-year staff member at Southeast, I worked with thousands of students. My memories of students who were helped by the Foundation through scholarships or short-term loans or payments are way too numerous to mention. Very few students who ever visited my office had not benefitted from the work of the Foundation.

Why should other people give to Southeast?

If you truly want our region to have jobs for everyone, to be a progressive area of the state where there are great businesses, industries, outstanding farming operations, tourism, and a wonderful family atmosphere for raising families, then you must dedicate yourself to supporting education and to helping students not only be the best they can be, but also be college graduates who stay and contribute to the area.

Are you a Southeast alumnus?