What does Southeast Missouri State University mean to you?

SEMO was a wonderful place to go to school. I completely enjoyed my time studying history with colorful, involved, instructors like Dr. Sharp, Dr. Breeze, Dr. Bonwell and Dr. Joe Werne. The quality of education and enjoyment of living in Myers Hall stay with me.

Why is it important to support students (at a time like this)?

Not just at a time like this but anytime. SEMO provides challenges to draw out each student and bring them into a wider world.

Why do you give to Southeast?

I want SEMO to continue doing what it does.

Why do you believe the work of the Foundation is important?

The Foundation increases the studend population reached by SEMO and provides the tools to let that student population grow in stature

What personal experiences have you had with the students you have helped (who have been helped by the Foundation)?

My family and I have previously, though not in the recent past, received letters from the recipients of the scholarship we established. It was positive affirmation that the school was using the dollars we provided to fulfill the mission we endorse.

Why should other people give to Southeast?

SEMO provides quality education in relevant fields enabling graduates to improve the quality of life for themselves and their communities. It is essential to the region.

Are you a Southeast alumnus?


How has earning your degree from Southeast impacted your life?

My degree, BA 1987, was an essential component of my career in the Air Force. It opened the way to a life of service that continues to day.