Explain your career path.

 As a Senator's representative, I have built strong relationships with community leaders and stakeholders, leading cross-functional teams in executing outreach efforts. I analyze constituency developments to inform effective strategies and report progress to the Senator and senior leadership. Previously, as an Operations Associate at Axiom Strategies, I conducted and analyzed political polling for clients at all levels of government and corporations, providing insights to inform decision-making and maximize impact. I oversaw project timelines and personnel performance, revamping organizational practices and implementing workflow mechanisms to optimize project management, and spearheaded the development and implementation of new quality control procedures to improve the accuracy and reliability of polling results. In my role as Statewide Field Coordinator for Eric Schmitt for the US Senate, I established and maintained critical grassroots relationships statewide, monitored rival candidates to inform campaign strategy, managed a team of interns and volunteers, and coordinated large-scale campaign events, including planning, logistics, execution, and collateral distribution to maximize impact. These experiences, coupled with my involvement in organizations like RHA, College Republicans, and Turning Point USA, have equipped me with a robust skill set in political operations, campaign management, and constituency relations, which I am eager to apply in my continued career.

Why did you choose to attend Southeast?

SEMO's affordability, easy admissions process, and proximity to home made it the best choice.

How did SEMO impact your academic journey and political understanding?

Senior year Campaigns and Elections with Dr. Walling, in Kent Library, writing on the wall trying to understand political favorability’s/unfavourability’s amongst R’s/D’s/I’s amongst the various political issues, and it just hit me not only was I fully prepared to go into the workforce but the coursework that I was doing had real-world applications. Junior year Foreign Policy with Mrs. Polk-Sentell, who laid out in very simple terms the way that foreign policy decisions were made in the US. National Security – US Finance – Human Rights. It was slightly jarring but it was the truth. I very much value having real-world practitioners on faculty within the department who could prepare students for the careers that they will be going into. 

Best food on campus?

Bean’s Bagels. Anyone who tells you differently is either lying or uninformed.

What aspects of your experience at SEMO are you most grateful for?

SEMO gave me a chance to become the person that I am. I don’t come from much and because of the connections made and experiences at SEMO, I have greatly bent the trajectory of my future.

What advice would you give current students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

Get EVERYTHING that you can out of these four years, and have fun – even too much fun. But make sure that you get to know your professors/department and classmates, build your network, and be sure to take advantage of the SEMO alumni network.