Explain your career path

I graduated from SEMO in 2017 and spent one year as an Art Enrichment Intern at St. Louis Children's Hospital, working under the art therapist on site. I am currently an MA candidate at SIUE for Art Therapy Counseling. I am also currently still doing freelance graphic design work.

What was your major at Southeast and how would you characterize the quality of that program to prospective students?

I was a graphic design major and was led to that by my background in typography and working for my family's business, Strawberry Stitch Co., which is an embroidery and screen print company.

If you were in Greek Life, the Honors Program or any other student organization, please tell us about that experience and how it impacted you.

My greatest professional accomplishment has been getting into the Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Art Therapy Counseling program.

What advice would you give current students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

My advice would be to find yourself in your work and find a way to incorporate that style and passion into the career that you want. Many people told me that graphic design could not morph into an Art Therapy career and I made it happen. Forge your path.