Explain your career path

When graduating from Southeast Missouri State University, I entered the world of PR and Marketing. I worked for the St. Louis Cardinals, and Marketing and events for BMW. This experience nice then led me back into the world of Higher-Education, where I have spent close to a decade working on retention efforts, and student engagement through various positions.

What was your major at Southeast and how would you characterize the quality of that program to prospective students?

Double major in Communications. Emphasis on PR and Broadcasting. The programs were attentive, rigorous, and challenges you to actively think and engage.

Why did you choose to attend Southeast?

First campus tour just felt like home. Southeast was a big university, but the attention to smaller learning environments was what attracted me most.

Who influenced you most during your time at Southeast?

The many organizations, and leaders within those that I was a part of. They taught me leadership, and that’s a massive reason I am the adult I have become.

Share your best college memory.

Very hard to narrow down. I would say the countless hours spent in the Mac lab working on massive projects for various PR classes.

If you were in Greek Life, the Honors Program or any other student organization, please tell us about that experience and how it impacted you.

Student organizations are how you apply classroom learning to the real world. As an educator now, I encourage students to join as many clubs and societies as they can.

What is the most important thing you learned while you were at Southeast?

Genuine attitude gets you places. Never forget how important it is so be yourself!

Describe Southeast in three words.

Education Done Right

What advice would you give current students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

Intern intern intern (make yourself an employer dream college hire!) and that will help you get there!