Explain your career path

Art and Science/Education

What was your major at Southeast and how would you characterize the quality of that program to prospective students?

Art and Education: During the time that I was at Southeast Missouri State University, I studied art and took as many classes in science as possible. Over the years, I had used my education in the field of art to teach many students skills in ceramics, painting with acrylic, composition, and in creative thinking.

Why did you choose to attend Southeast?

The reason I chose Southeast Missouri State University, was they offered me a job, as the Director of Photography. I worked under for administrators, Charlie Wilds, director of field services; Mr. Norton, the head of the Hall arrow newspaper; George Pendagrass, the head of graphic arts and media; and a lady who I cannot remember her name, she was the head of the yearbook. We did not get along very well.

Who influenced you most during your time at Southeast?

Yes, that would have been Jane Stacy, and the three administrators that I mentioned above.

Share your best college memory.

All at Southeast Missouri State University, I experienced several things that left good memories, the Gum Tree at the top of cardiac hill. Photographing a group of students who were trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records; trying to put more people into a Volkswagen bug than anyone else in the world. If I remember correctly they got twenty-seven boys and girls into the bug. They did not win that record.

They then, tried to put tried to see how many people would fit on a bed, the bed had been taken directly from a college dorm room and placed on a concrete pad. After forty some students piled on the top of the bed, the railing under the bed broke, boys and girls went rolling everywhere. Luckily there were no arms or hands under the bed.

And of course who could forget, the spring of seventy-four. I was assigned to photograph the students who through morality to the wind, and streaked around the campus. Of course they wore nothing but their streaker sneakers, all decorated in all sorts of ways. There was that one incident of the Phantom Streaker, who ran up to the president of the college, his wife and daughter. His head was covered with a sheet, and most of his body. Then came the flash, he opened the sheet to show his neck and body.

If you were in Greek Life, the Honors Program or any other student organization, please tell us about that experience and how it impacted you.

The only college fraternity that I belong to, was Epsilon Chi, a Christian fraternity. We really did not do much of anything except go to church together, and we had a few picnics.

What is the most important thing you learned while you were at Southeast?

Just because you go to college, that makes you no better than those who went to any other kind of training.

We all go to the bathroom the same way.

Describe Southeast in three words.

Education, learning, fun.

What advice would you give current students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?

Which one, I have several professional fields, teacher, professional photographer, journalist, writer, and entrepreneur.

What ever field that you pursue, be happy, follow your heart, and be known for what ever you do.

Word-of-mouth is the best advertisement that any person or business, can have.