Are you a fan of musical strings? Using the unique methods of Dr. Suzuki, the Suzuki String Program, students can get in-depth knowledge of the strings.

The Talent Education method of music instruction is based on the premise that musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability that can be developed. The late Japanese educator Dr. Shinichi Suzuki noticed the ease with which young children learn to speak their native languages. He believed educators could use this "mother tongue method" of listening, imitating, and repeating sounds to nurture a high level of musicality in young students. Students age three and older are invited to apply for admission into the Suzuki Program at the Music Academy.

Instruction utilizing the Suzuki philosophy creates a partnership between the teacher, parent, and child. This "Suzuki triangle" is the cornerstone of a successful Suzuki experience. The parent/guardian attends all lessons and group classes with the child, learns the fundamentals of playing the instrument and becomes the "home teacher" by assisting with daily practice sessions using notes taken during the lesson.

Just as children are taught to read words after their ability to speak has been well established, Suzuki students develop basic competence on their instruments before they are taught to read music. Through sequential learning, students focus on the development of good posture, consistently beautiful tone, accurate intonation, and musical phrasing.

Although reading readiness activities begin as soon as lessons begin, students demonstrating adequate facility on the instrument begin reading music at approximately age 6–7.

Because Suzuki students all learn the same pieces in the same order, it is common to have "play-ins" where large groups play together. The Suzuki program at the Academy holds at least two play-ins each year. There are also opportunities to travel to St. Louis, Carbondale, Dexter, Edwardsville, and other sites throughout the region to play with and meet other Suzuki students.

Lesson Lengths

Lesson length for beginners is at the discretion of the assigned teacher. Some academy Suzuki teachers prefer a 30-minute lesson from the start. Others prefer 15-minute lessons taken with one or more "lesson partners" studying the same repertoire. By the end of Volume 1, students generally take a 30-minute private lesson. Once Volume 4 is reached, students generally progress to a 45- or 60-minute lesson.

Group Class Schedule 2019-2020

All classes meet on Mondays - Cultural Arts Center 155 (fall semester) and River Campus Center 120 (spring semester)

  • Pre-Twinkle to Minuet I
    • 5 - 6 p.m.
  • Minuet I to Book II
    • 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
  • Book III and up
    • 6 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Southeast Missouri Music Academy Youth Orchestra
    • 6:15 - 7 p.m.

Summer Semester (2020)

July 6, 13, 20 & July 27

Musicianship Classes for Suzuki Students

Each full semester enrollment also includes a weekly Musicianship Class for Suzuki students in 1st grade and above. Our progressive and comprehensive curriculum reinforces the basic skills needed for music study including theory, ear-training, sight singing, and the exploration of various composers and styles of music. During the spring semester, students will use the skills learned to compose their own music for possible performance on a spring recital. Classes are taught in a fun atmosphere that encourages students to use their creative abilities. Please refer to the Group Classes section for placement dates and more information.

Requirements for Admission

In order to unify and strengthen our Suzuki program, the Academy has adopted the following requirements:

  • Beginning students should be at least 3 years of age
  • Parents of new Suzuki students must attend a SUZUKI PARENT EDUCATION CLASS. These classes are offered periodically as necessary throughout the year. Before the class, parents should purchase Suzuki Volume 1 book and tape/CD and a copy of Nurtured By Love by Shinichi Suzuki. In addition, parents must observe at least one private lesson and one group class prior to beginning instruction.
  • All students must attend a weekly private lesson and a weekly group class. During the required group lesson, students work on current pieces, review previously learned material, learn the fundamentals of group playing, and reinforce music theory concepts. Group lessons provide additional motivation and enjoyment for students, as well as providing informal performance opportunities weekly. Attendance at group lessons is mandatory for all Suzuki students. Each semester, an attendence record of 75% or better is required to remain in good standing.
  • A parent or guardian must actively participate in the instructional process by attending private lessons and groups and taking notes for home practice.
  • Students and parents should plan to attend one institute during each academic year. Week–long institutes are held all over the United States and Canada each summer. Select programs offer weekend or shorter institutes during the winter or spring months. Your teacher will give further explanation regarding these inspirational and motivational events.

Fall and spring semesters consist of 15 weeks of lessons, group classes, and Musicianship Classes, plus one week for make-ups and recitals. Registration form and instructional fee(s) must be received by the deadline (see below) to hold your spot for fall.

Professional Faculty

30-minute lessons

  • $425 - full semester
  • $375 - 12 week
  • $270 - 8 week

15-minute lessons (must have teacher approval)

  • $293 - full semester
  • $237 - 12 weeks
  • $170 - 8 week

45-minute lessons

  • $595 - full semester
  • $524 - 12 week
  • $369 - 8 week

60-minute lessons

  • $838 - full semester
  • $673 - 12 week
  • $469 - 8 week

Student Faculty

30-minute lessons

  • $300 - full semester
  • $250 - 12 week
  • $200 - 8 week

15-minute lessons (must have teacher OK)

  • $245 - full semester

Interested in enrolling in the Music Academy?

The enrollment process for entry to the Music Academy is for new and continuing students. Registration is required each semester.

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