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The Music Academy is proud to be the only community music school in the state of Missouri to include Musicianship Classes in the regular enrollment fee for students in grades 1-12. Musicianship classes without private lessons can be taken for $75. Our progressive and comprehensive curriculum reinforces the basic skills needed for music study including theory, ear training, sight singing, and the exploration of various composers and styles of music. During the spring semester, students use skills learned to compose their music for possible performance on a spring recital. Classes are taught in a fun atmosphere that encourages students to use their creative abilities. The curriculum is covered in seven levels, so students are not expected to progress to a new level every year.

Each new student (or returning student who is new to the Musicianship Class) will be evaluated at a placement session to determine the most appropriate class according to age and ability. Sessions are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on August 17, 2023, and January 11, 2024, in room 201 of the River Campus Seminary Building. First and second-grade beginners will automatically be enrolled in the Level 1 class for fall, and do not have to attend the Placement Session. New students in these grades who enroll in January will be evaluated to determine if an appropriate class is available. Generally, these beginners will wait and begin Musicianship the next fall.

Musicianship Class Schedule

Class Type Day, Time Location Instructor Students
Level I Monday, 4 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 201 Sherrie Troxel
  • Emma Diebold
  • Azaria Pincozy
  • Isabella Eisenbeis
  • Ava Hardwick
  • Nathan Young
  • Jax McCann
  • Sala Hanschen
  • Elias Huff
  • All beginning music students in 2nd grade and under
Level II Monday, 4:30 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 201 Sherrie Troxel
  • Logan Chun
  • Ethan Diebold
  • Ellie Jane Dunaway
  • Alex Eisenbeis
  • Analeigh French
  • Emmy Mills
  • Nora Blattner
  • Jake Muckerman
  • Mason Hardwick
  • Johanna Tien
  • Levi Watson
  • Jude McDonald
  • Wyatt Snodgrass
  • Susan Eftink
  • Charlotte Keusenkothen
Level III Monday, 5 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 201 Sherrie Troxel
  • Jude McDonald
  • James Shetley
  • Alex French
  • Penelope Nienaber
  • Peyton Snell
  • Nora Lavalle
  • Rayden Whitlock
  • Gavin Stiegemeyer
  • Aubrey Hardwick
  • Greta Dittmer
  • Max Dittmer
  • Jonathan Tian
  • Richard Surrat
  • Xander Young
  • Isaiah Smith
  • Owen Bahr
  • Xander Otten
Level IV Monday, 5:30 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 201 Sherrie Troxel
  • Sam Smith
  • Madelyn Nienaber
  • Greta Dittmer
  • Lucia Dittmer
  • Ben Cao
  • Raden Whitlock
  • Jonathan Tian
  • Brynna Greenley
  • Bell Sharp
  • Aiden Ornburn
  • Nicole Jing
Advanced Monday, 6 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 201 Sherrie Troxel

  • Ethan King
  • Anna Ahrens
  • Asher Ahrens
  • Kasen Ahrens
  • Daisy Loyd
  • Isaac Hupp
  • Allison Shoemake
Level IV Tuesday, 4 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 257 Sherrie Troxel

  • Elisha Norman
  • Destiny Robinson
  • Layla Garretson
  • Layla Joggerst
  • Maya Coleman
  • Lucas Farnham
  • Eleora Tilghman
  • Iris Tilghman
Level V Tuesday, 4:30 p.m. River Campus Seminary, Room 257 Sherrie Troxel
  • Lyndsey Zhang
  • Addie Wengert
  • Aniston Schumer
  • Lukacs Zhang
  • Victoria Anderson
  • Caelyn Crittendon

This is the best class for your student. However, if scheduling conflicts necessitate switching classes, please let Sherrie know ( so she can accommodate.

Instructional Fees

Musicianship class only (no private lesson) - $75

Interested in enrolling in the Music Academy?

The enrollment process for entry to the Music Academy is for new and continuing students. Registration is required each semester.

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