December 3, 2021 - January 23, 2022

Alfonzo Branch spent most of his adult years forging his way into the art world creatively, using pastels as a primary media. He has found that not many people use pastels for the type of work he is requested to do, because they are so difficult to master. He is a current member of the Texas Art Coalition. He has mastered the art of pastels and continues to use his creativity to enhance the artist community.

Obsessed with art from an early age, Alfonzo was encouraged by his third-grade art teacher, who noticed his advanced drawing skills. The same art teacher encouraged him to enter a drawing contest where he drew a conservation poster and won. He began drawing still objects, like cars, pictures of dogs, old houses, and portraits.

Branch is a native of Hayti, Missouri located in Southeast Missouri. In 2006, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Healthcare Management obtained from American Intercontinental University.

Branch (SFC Branch) later joined the United States Army November 18, 2008. Joining as a Private First Class, he quickly moved up the ranks to his current rank of Sergeant First Class in just 11 years.  SFC Branch has served honorably in 4 Combat tours.  SFC Branch continued with his artistic creativity while serving the country, and over the last 13 years, he has been requested to draw designs that were used for t-shirts during basic training, overseas tours, and murals for several units within the military.

Branch continues to perfect his craft and in 2020 launched his company by the name of “Sketched Perfect Designs, Inc”.  He has spent over 35 years sharing his art with the world.  His most requested works are portraits and tattoo design.  

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