Drum Majors are the on-field and performance leaders of the Southeast Marching Band.

Drum Majors deliver marching/maneuvering commands, conduct musical selections, serve as rehearsal teaching assistants, and demonstrate the esprit de corps of the ensemble. Drum Majors are selected annually by audition and are open to any Band member regardless of the chosen major.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the Southeast Drum Major please contact semoband@semo.edu or (573) 651-2335.

Are you interested in becoming a drum major?

An audition is required for drum majors and students can be any declared major to be awarded this title.

Audition Information

  1. Auditions are for Band members with a minimum of one year of Southeast Marching Band experience.
  2. Auditions are held within the first month of Spring term classes (email semoband@semo.edu for audition date)
  3. Submit a completed Drum Major Application. The application must be turned in electronically, one week prior to the audition date.
  4. Prepare the following for the audition:
    1. Conducting
      1. Patterns: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 (3/2 & 2/3)
      2. Required Music: National Anthem (provided by the Director)
      3. Music of Candidates choice—min. of 1 minute, max of 2 minutes in length
    2. Marching Fundamentals
      1. Attention
      2. Mark Time
      3. Drag Turns (left, right, full)
      4. Forward March (8 to 5)
      5. Back March (8 to 5)
      6. Lateral Slide (left, right)
      7. Flanks (left, right)
    3. Vocal and Whistle Commands
      1. Vocal:
        1. Attention
        2. Mark Time
        3. Drag Turn (left, right, full)
        4. Forward March
        5. Back March
        6. Lateral Side (left, right)
        7. Flanks (left, right)
        8. Halt
      2. Whistle:
        1. Rhythmic Long Blast and 4 Short Blasts
  5. Interview with the Director
    1. An optional Drum Major Clinic/Tryout Preparation Session will be held in advance of the audition. Contact Nicholas Kenney if you plan to attend. This session will not meet without prior student reservations.
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