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Inter-Fraternity (IFC) Recruitment

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Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment

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Panhellenic Recruitment History
Year Total Quota All PNMs PNMs receiving a Bid
2014 106 32 472 252
2015 119 34 468 245
2016 122 47 471 290
2017 132 44 497 341
2018 124 39 336 284
National Pan-Hellenic Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment

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Chapters may recruit in the spring based on membership vacancies 

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Questions About Greek Life

Interfraternity Council (IFC) host formal recruitment activities the first two weeks of Fall and Spring semester beginning on the first day of the school term.  Each chapter that is governed by IFC is eligible but not required to participate in recruitment.  You must have a minimum of a 2.5 accumulative GPA to be eligible for a bid into any IFC chapter at any time.  IFC chapters will market their recruitment events each semester and it is up to the men to decide on how many organizations they will choose to visit or how many events they will attend.  We encourage students to attend as many as they can in order to increase their chance of receiving a bid (invitation) into at least one fraternity.  After formal recruitment is over, students can still receive a bid into an IFC organization.  IFC chapters will choose to extend bids at their discretion for the remainder of the semester.

Panhellenic Sorority recruitment is typically the third week of the Fall semester and generally begins the Wednesday immediately following Labor Day.  There is no GPA requirement to sign up for recruitment, however each sorority has a minimum GPA requirement that a woman must meet or exceed to be eligible to receive a bid (invitation) into the organization.  Interested women should register for recruitment and pay the designated recruitment fee.  Each woman will be assigned a Pi Chi (recruitment counselor) and they will explain the recruitment process to the woman. 

Each NPHC fraternity and sorority brings in new members at various times of the year through a process called Membership Intake. All organizations governed by the National Pan- Hellenic Council have different requirements for membership. These organizations are permitted to conduct intake based on the chapters schedule and/ or their need for expansion. Organizations can conduct intake each semester; but most will only do it once a year. When organizations are looking to conduct membership intake, many of them will host an informational meeting in which the criteria for membership is explained. these are usually publicized via flyers on campus. NPHC will host a general information session about all of its organizations for students who have questions or are unsure about the intake process during the Fall semester each academic year.

  1. Research us!  We all have separate national websites that talk about our purpose, passion, and goals.  Reading our websites will give you a better perspective on what we look for in potential members.
  2. Come talk to us! We are very friendly and LOVE when people ask about our organizations!
  3. Attend our programs and events.  Not only do we host these programs and events to educate and uplift the community around us, but also to recruit members who have the same passions as we do.
  4. Scholarship.  Remember, you are a student first.  We have certain GPA requirements that new members must meet.
  5. Get Involved!!  Being diverse in other clubs and organizations on campus is a great way to show leadership skills and build relationships with other community members.  We want well-rounded members.


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