The training in aerial dance utilizes the curriculum established by Rebekah Leach of Born to Fly Productions and is executed on silks/fabric, rope, sling and trapeze. The aerial training enables students to infuse their dance training with another physical form that borrows from and expands upon traditional dance. The training enhances body awareness, upper body strength, core engagement and use of the hamstring and gluteal muscles, and is focused on the transformation of aerial skills into an artistic medium that incorporates movement in the air as well as on the ground.

Dancers will learn specific aerial skills as well as use improvisation and problem solving to learn additional ways to move on the apparatus. Aerial work requires athleticism but also allows the dancer to demonstrate dynamic shapes and a seamless flow of movement. The development of skills and artistry in aerial dance presents additional career opportunities for students post-graduation as numerous dance and entertainment companies are specifically looking for dancers with aerial training.

The aerial program offers classes from beginning to advanced levels and students will have the opportunity to perform choreographed aerial routines during the annual River Campus Summer Arts Festival as well as for informal class showings.
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