Table includes course syllabus, prerequisites, and tentative rotation schedule to assist you in planning your schedule.

Tentative Course Rotation

course Spring (even Year Fall (even Year Spring (Odd Year) Fall (Odd Year) On Demand
CH180 Chemistry in Our World X X
CH181/081/001 Basic principles of
CH184 General Chemistry I Lab X X X X
CH185 General Chemistry I X X X X
CH186 General Chemistry II X X X X
CH187 General Chemistry II Lab X X X X
CH195 Chemistry Seminar 1 X X
CH234/034 Organic and Biological Chemistry X X
CH271/071 Foundations of Analytical Chemistry X X
CH295 Chemistry Seminar 2 X X
CH306 Inorganic Chemistry X X
CH311 Foundations of Physical Chemistry X X
CH312 Advanced Physical Chemistry X X
CH313 Physical Chemistry Laboratory X X
CH341 Foundations of Organic Chemistry X X X X
CH342 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I X X X X
CH343 Advanced Organic Chemistry X X
CH344 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II X X
CH360 Polymer Chemistry X X
CH391 (1-3) Undergraduate Research X
CH400 Special Topics X
CH40X (X = 1-3) Independent Study in
CH405 Engineering in Science Education X X
CH412 Computational Chemistry X
CH420/020 Forensic Chemistry X X
CH447/047 Advanced 1- or 2-Dimensional
NMR Techniques
CH450 Environmental Chemistry X
CH465 Chemical Crystallography X
CH495 Chemistry Seminar 3 X X
CH531 Foundations of Biochemistry X X X X
CH532 Advanced Biochemistry X
CH533 Biochemistry Laboratory X X X X
CH563/063 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry X
CH575/075 Chemical Instrumentation X
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