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I am a wildlife ecologist and conservation biologist broadly interested in integrating core principles of ecology and socio-ecological concepts to protect native species. This includes 1) exploring how local-scale factors, such as vegetation attributes or food web composition, mediate short/long-term
outcomes of competition and predation in grassland ecosystems, 2) investigating the role of broad-scale landcover change on species distribution, demography, and persistence, 3) understanding the role of disturbance-mediated heterogeneity on population dynamics in tropical savannah, 4) understanding socio-cultural drivers of biodiversity decline and conservation engagement, and 5) broad-scale assessment of cultural-specific drivers of human-nature interactions among young people. More details about our teaching, research, and publications can be found on my website and google scholar links.


BI 163 – Evolution and Ecology.
BI 332 – General Ecology.
BI 420/620 – Management of Wildlife Populations.
BI 430/630 – Management of Wildlife Habitat.

Education: Ph.D., Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Oklahoma State University, 2017.

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