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Special Reading K-12 Teaching License Program  

The Special Reading K-12 Teaching License Program is a Southeast certificate program that provides a Missouri advanced teaching license as a reading specialist. This advanced teaching license also requires a valid Missouri teaching license and two years teaching experience. Candidates seeking certification as a reading specialist should work closely with their advisor to ensure they meet the certification requirements. Program courses are offered over a two-year cycle. See the program summary below.  


  • CF/PY120   The Child: Development from Conception through Adolescence (3) OR PY222 Development of the Adolescence (3)  -  Fall, Spring, Summer 
  • EX390   Psychology and Education of Children with Exceptionalities (3) - Fall, Spring, Summer.  OR EX635 Psychology and Education of Children with Special Needs (3)  -   Spring 
  • EX302  Language Development of Children with Exceptionalities (3) - Fall, Spring. OR CE370 Language Acquisition of the Young Child (3) - Fall, Spring. OR EX602 Language Development of the Exceptional Child (3) - Summer 

Graduate Course Requirements  

  • EX601  Educational Assessment Techniques (3)  -  Fall, Spring, Summer 
    Prerequisite:  Graduate standing
  • EL644  Creating and Fostering Literate Environments (3)  -  Fall
    Prerequisite:  Graduate standing  
  • EL624  Effective Literacy Leadership (3)  -  Spring
    Prerequisites:  EL644 and EX601; or consent of instructor 
  • EL647  Reading Assessment (3)  -  Summer
    Prerequisites: Graduate standing; EL644; EL646; SE602; or consent of instructor 
  • EL611  Practicum I Early Literacy Learners (3)  -  Fall
    Prerequisite:  EL647; or consent of instructor 
  • EL623 Practicum II Older Literacy Learners (3)  Spring  
    Prerequisite:  EL647; or consent of instructor 
  • SE602 Effective Literacy Instruction at the Middle and Secondary Levels (3) - Summer
    Prerequisites:  Graduate standing 
  • EL648  Dyslexia & Reading Disabilities (3) Summer  
    Prerequisites:  Graduate standing ; EL644; EL646; SE602; or consent of instructor

Choose 1 from below:

  • EL646  Aspects of Literacy Development and Acquisition (3)  -  Spring 
    Prerequisite:  Graduate Standing
  • EL629  Advanced Studies in Children's Literature (3) -  Fall
    Prerequisites: Graduate Standing
Note:  EL630 Reading Recovery Seminar I AND EL631 Reading Recovery Seminar II may be substituted for EL611

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