The main continuous improvement project in which the Educator Preparation Program is engaged is the Annual Program Evaluation (APE). The APE process requires program faculty to evaluate their program in relation to state and/or national standards. Reports are based upon data generated by program candidates who completed the program during the previous academic year. The reports are submitted in the fall, and then members of the Educator Preparation Assessment Committee review them and provide feedback. In the course of preparing the APE report, faculty must analyze data and make judgments about the degree to which program completers are meeting expectations on the standards. Based upon these judgments, they then identify a few specific changes that they will attempt to make over the next year in order to address relative deficiencies or build upon relative strengths. The very first section of the APE report is an update on the changes proposed the previous year. Data upon which proposed changes were based is referenced both in this first section and in the section of the report that describes changes planned for the coming year. APE processes themselves have evolved over the past few years in response to faculty feedback and so are, also, an example of EPP efforts at continuous improvement.

program program contact 2020 report
Agriculture Education Mr. JW McAlister
Art Education Mr. Justin Miller
Biology Education Dr. James Champine
Chemistry Education Dr. Rachel Morgan-Theall
Counseling Education, Specialist Dr. Travis Smith
Early Childhood Education Dr. Sharon Dees 
Early Childhood Special Education, MAT
Educational Administration, Specialist
Elementary Education, MA Dr. Min Zou
Elementary Education, UG Dr. Larry Bohannon
English Education Dr. Anthony Celaya
Exceptional Child (Cross-Categorical), UG Dr. Dixie McCollum
Exceptional Child Education, MA (Non-cert) Dr. Dixie McCollum
Exceptional Child, MAT
Family & Consumer Sciences Education Dr. Sarah Kuborn
Higher Education Administration, MA Dr. William Bratberg
Mathematics Education Ms. Ann Schnurbusch
Mental Health Counseling, MA Dr. Jan Ward
Middle School Education, Language Arts/Social Sciences Dr. Sarah Lillo
Middle School Education, Mathematics, Science Dr. Trudy Giasi
Music Education: Instrumental Dr. Elizabeth McFarland
Music Education: Vocal Dr. Elizabeth McFarland
Physical Education Dr. Adolfo Ramos
Physics Education Dr. Joseph Murphy
School Administration, MA Dr. Lisa Bertrand
School Counseling, MA Dr. Jan Ward
School Psychological Examiner, Certificate Dr. Jan Ward
Secondary Ed: Educational Studies, MA Dr. Shannon Clapsaddle
Secondary Ed: Educational Technology, MA Dr. Robin Smith
Social Science Education Dr. Courtney Kisat
Special Education Administrator Dr. Lisa Bertrand
STEM, MAT Dr. Trudy Giasi
Teacher Leadership, MA Dr. Margaret Noe
Teacher Leadership, Specialist Dr. Sherry Copeland
World Languages Education Dr. Gabriele Eckart
Educator Preparation
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Certification/Background Check
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Field Experiences
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Educator Preparation
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