Minors are a secondary area of academic focus.

This can be helpful if you have several areas you'd like to study but don't want to double major. A minor can complement your main course of study by enhancing the value of your major, helping you to find an area of specialization within your major. Or, your minor can just be something you really enjoy and want to know more about. Some degrees require a minor.

The geographic information systems minor curriculum provides knowledge about data structures and computer organization. You’ll complete a minimum of 15 credit hours.

Geographic Information Systems Minor - 15 Hours

Required Courses:

  • AG444 Spatial Analysis (3)
  • GO340/540 Remote Sensing (3)
  • GO445 Advanced Geographic Information Science (3)
  • IU314/GO514 GeoInfo Science Today (3)

Choose 3 hours from:

  • AG440 Precision Agriculture (3)
  • CJ430 Policing in an Information Age (3)
  • GO520 GIS Application (3)

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