Expand Your Medical Imaging Career

Expanding your career in medical imaging means new career and growth opportunities in specialized technologies used to diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions.

What You’ll Do  

The program is an online bachelor’s degree program designed for students with an associate of applied science in radiologic technology or diagnostic medical sonography to provide the theoretical knowledge required for post-primary certification exams.

What Can You Do with a BAS?

The need for qualified medical imaging professionals continues to grow. This program is designed to complement existing primary certification and promote leadership and career advancement opportunities.

Post-Primary Career Opportunities for Graduates

  • MRI Technologist
  • CT Technologist
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Breast Sonography
  • Cardiac Interventional Radiography
  • Computed Tomography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Mammography
  • Vascular Interventional Radiography 
  • Vascular Sonography

Applied Technology: Allied Health Track (BAS) Curriculum

Explore the courses you'll need to complete your degree.

For Saint Francis Healthcare System Employees

If you are a current employee of Saint Francis Healthcare System, you are eligible for an additional 16 hours of continuing education through Saint Francis that will allow you to sit for the imaging certification exams. Tuition assistance and discounts may be available.

Outcomes & Careers

  • $76k

    MRI Technologist

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for health information technologists is $76,020 per year.

  • $80k

    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for diagnostic medical sonographers is $80,850 per year.

What You'll Study

Degree Map

Required Courses

  • EN100 English Composition 1 (3)
  • IM300 Technical Communication (3)
  • IM301 Industrial Safety Supervision (3)
  • IM309 Science, Technology, and Society (3)
  • IM419 Industrial Supervision (3)
  • IM506 Projects in Industrial and Engineering Technology (3)
  • MN220 Engineering Economic Analysis

Choose 3-5 Hours:

  • CH180 Chemistry in Our World (3)
  • CH181/081/001 Basic Principles of Chemistry (5)
  • CH184/185 General Chemistry I Lecture and Lab (4)
  • PH106/006 Physical Concepts (3)
  • PH120/020 Introductory Physics I (5)

Choose one course:

  • MA116 Precalculus A (3)
  • MA137 Precalculus (5)

Choose one Course:

  • IM311 Statistical Process Control (3)
  • PY271 Introduction to Behavioral Statistics (3)

Choose one Course:

  • IM410 Manufacturing Research in a Global Society (3)
  • MG301 Principles of Management (3)

Allied Health Track - Choose 18 hours

  • BI/PB320 Introduction to Public Health (3)
  • ED535 The Trauma Informed Professional (3)
  • FN355 Lifespan Nutrition (3)
  • HA510 Healthcare Performance Improvement (3)
  • HA555 Fundamentals of Medical Practice Management (3)
  • HA556 Topics in Healthcare Administration (1-3)
  • HA586 Healthcare Strategy and Marketing (3)
  • HL320 Community Health (3)
  • HL350 Issues and Trends in Motor Learning (3)
  • HL510 Health Concerns of Aging (3)
  • HL550 Exercise Programming for Special Populations (3)
  • MG301 Principles of Management (3)
  • MG362 Management Skills (3)
  • PB541 Topics in Public Health
  • PB508 Essentials of Public Health Nutrition (3)
  • TS412 Topics for Healthcare Professionals (3)

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences - 6 hours
  • Constitution Requirement - 3 hours
  • Written Communication – 6 hours
  • Oral Communication – 3 hours
  • Natural Sciences – 7 hours (from two disciplines, one to include a lab)
  • Mathematics – 3 hours
  • Humanities and Fine Arts – 9 hours (from at least two disciplines)
  • Additional Requirements – 5 hours (to include UI100 for native students)
  • Civics Examination

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